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Exploring Islands by sailing yacht

Islands Visited
Mamanuca and Yasawa Groups

It is the area around Nadi that is well furnished with top class hotels and facilities and just off the shore are several coral islands each housing its own style of resort.

Further a field is the Mamanuca and Yasawa Groups which represent the out of the way, undeveloped and classic South Pacific Island.

The 10 day itinerary below is a great example of what these Island Groups have to offer.

However with literally dozens of anchorages throughout the group and even more places to explore in the tender the possibilities are almost endless.

The beauty of a yacht charter is the ability to custom design the trip as you go, stay longer at your favourite place or just coast around till you spot a bay that looks inviting.



Day 1

Join the yacht at Port Denarau just fifteen minutes from Nadi Airport. A short sail to Malolo Island and enter this impressive lagoon to get right into what Fiji is all about. Virgin Cruising.

Protected by a double fringing reef with a low tide sandbar it is your first experience of clear blue waters, tropical reefs and the calmness that pervades Fiji’s outer islands.

Ashore there are a few restaurants and bars Fiji style.

Day 2

A morning sail to Nevadra Island, an uninhabited mini lagoon and on the way pass by Monriki Island where Tom Hanks made Cast Away and befriended ‘Wilson’ a volleyball. Rumour has it that Wilson is back on the island!

At Nevadra walk on the sand bar at low tide and swim and snorkel in these really clear waters.


Day 3

Just a hop over to Waya, the highest Island in the area and anchor off the small village, visit the chief for a traditional welcome. Some may want to walk up the hill for a stunning view of Kuata Island and the whole vista of Fiji in the distance.


Day 4

A move to Drawaqa Island where the islands, reefs and channels are home to a myraid of tropical fish and a family of manta rays, a highlight and unforgettable experience to snorkel with these inquisitive giants.

The manta rays breed in one of the bays and feed daily in the channel, a drift snorkel through the coral fields and schools of reef fish here is definitely something to be repeated many times.


Day 5

A morning’s sail and a good chance to see dolphins bow riding and often spinning. Anchor off Malakati Village in probably the most beautiful bay in the group.

 A visit to the village is a must as this is true island life, the beach is a must and the snorkelling should be compulsory.

If there is anywhere in the world that is contrary to Western life this is it.


Day 6

A short trip to Sewa-i-Lau to visit the limestone caves. A group of three caves, the outer cave is easily accessible and must be swum in to, the inner cave often requires a short duckdive and is a highlight of the avid snorkeller. The 3rd cave is more challenging.

The nearby village provides guides to show you the cave markings and help through the maze of caverns along the coast of this small island.

Day 7

Move over to Nanuya, to the Blue Lagoon made famous by Brooke Shields in the 1980 film. Ashore in the tree line is a boutique hotel, one may dine here, have a massage or just have a sundowner.

Surrounded by white palm fringed beached and deep blue water is arguably the ultimate all weather anchorage. The Blue Lagoon is central to this stunning area and has dinghy trips in every direction. Fabulous.


Day 8

The winding Yaqueta Channel is over 2 miles long and lined with pristine corals hosting all manner of reef fish. Exploring this by dinghy and with mask and fins is unique, it feels like somehow this little corner of the World was left just for you to discover.

Take the yellow canoe and just go explore the bays and beaches.


Day 9

Down the coast of Naviti are dozens of untouched beaches and bays, pick any one for a stopover, a couple have small resorts nestled in the palms. Walk on the deserted beach or watch the sunset from the balcony bar. The coral gardens are all along the coast.

The evenings are quiet and an occasional call from an island animal can be heard or the beat of a drum to signify the fare is ready.



Day 10

The floating day and it will surely be needed to stay just one more day in your favourite spot.

For those wishing to stay as long as possible in the Yasawa’s, seaplanes are available to meet you just behind the yacht and transfer you directly to the airport at Nadi to meet a connecting flight. Otherwise most islands have helipads for transfers.

You can even fly to many of the bays in the Yasawa’s and reverse the itinerary.


Day 11

Transfer to the airport and maybe buy a few curios at the market on the way.


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